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5TT Gapl Indicator generates buy and sell signals right on your chart with super accuracy

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Fantastic Indicator, Chima has produced a superb indicator, trading the markets in a good old traditional way! Highly recommended! AAA+++!

Nader Durrani
Gold Alchemist

Hi Chima, thanks for this good work, your indicator impressed me. i am a new trader and i am using the erxgen for about 2 days now and my profits are very nice. Thanks from Germany

Têkoşîn Lolan

A Strategy Used Across Markets and Multiple Timeframes

Applies to Forex, Stocks, Futures, Commodities, etc and can be traded on short-, medium-, and long-term periods

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Frequently Asked Questions

See below our answers to frequently asked Forex questions

Is trading forex very risky?

I will start by referring to a quote by Warren Buffet which says ‘Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing’.
This is exactly right in every market including forex. Forex Trading is not any riskier than other money market instruments. It all boils down to knowing what you are doing.

Can one really make money trading Forex?

Yes, anyone can make money trading Forex providing certain factors are employed and aligned. These factors are basically linked to the trader’s mindset; which forms the most critical factor to successful trading. The next is the systems and techniques applied, and finally, the support, coaching and training the trader is exposed to.

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