5TT Candle Reversal Indicator: Several Reasons You Must Be Using This Tried-And-Tested Indicator For Your Trading Right Now!

This user-friendly, accurate tool completely based on price action, is not based on 'gimmick' or individual interpretation. Every trend must come to an end at some point and this is where the 5TT Candle Reversal Indicator comes to play; supporting the trader to identify those high-probability levels where price reverses ...

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What Do You Get...

  • Consistency & Reliability

    A trading strategy based on tried and tested price behaviour producing reliable opportunities for profit

  • Versatile

    A strategy used across multiple markets (stocks, forex, futures, options) and across multiple timeframes (long-term, mid-term, intra-day or scalping)

  • Clear Signals

    More than 3 clear signals. No ambiguity or subjectivity. Clear signal! It’s either there or not. No guess-work!

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Fantastic Indicator, Chima has produced a superb indicator, trading the markets in a good old traditional way! Highly recommended! AAA+++!

Nader Durrani
Nader Durrani
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