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Discover the secrets to taking advantage of price volatility to make profits

Without volatility, trading the financial market is close to impossible. Profit is made ONLY when the price is moving. The ERXGen (Early Riser Next Generation) system is a short-term trading technique built around the phenomenon that there are certain times during a trading day when the price volatility has the tendency to be high.

  • Discover a system based on a key price phenomenom - Volatility; so that the trader is confident of reliability and consistent profits
  • This technique is used across multiple EUR and GBP currencies ensuring the user has more opportunities for profiting
  • A system that saves the trader a significant amount of screen time by constantly displaying real-time opportunities on 12 different currency pairs. All done for you
  • Very clear pre-entry, entry and exit rules. No ambiguity, gimmick, guess-work or undue subjectivity. It's either there or not. Simple!
  • You're never alone. You will receive unmatched continued support. You've got a helping hand

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What are users saying ...

Fantastic Indicator, Chima has produced a superb indicator, trading the markets in a good old traditional way! Highly recommended! AAA+++!

Nader Durrani, Gold Alchemist

I have been using this for 4 days and so far its been nothing but amazing. follow the rules and I have gotten winners throughout. Like the above reviewer said, this is addictive. Importantly Chima has been extremely helpful and willing to take time and share his insights.

James Tan

Been using this for over 1 month and I can support what Kenneth above stated. Once you start using this indicator your trading will never be the same. I have many winning days. I'm using it in combination with the FiveTT pivots and trading the conservative way. I have 80% Wins


I'm saying this; try it and u cant stop using it 😉

Kenneth Parling

I'm impressed. 5% in less than one week is Good.

Ahmad Bajeaifir


I bought you the software looks very good.

I will recommend to all 🙂

Michal Fojtl

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you